Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My house

As little girls we are obsessed with playing "house". There is a father, a mother and children. So the pretend play starts with the family waking up, mother making breakfast, sending off the kids to school and father to office. There is a makeshift house made with bedsheets or mom's sarees. There are toy utensils in the kitchen, made of plastic or steel or clay. The children come back from school and go to play. The father is back tired. The mother serves her family dinner in tiny plates, everyone pretends to eat and they all go to sleep.
I am sure there is hardly anyone who has not been part of the "house" drama that we have scripted as children.
I guess the seed of owning your house is sown at this stage. Or the encouragement from parents to own your dwelling. Whatever the root cause, I have carried this dream all my life. And today my dream came true, reinforcing my belief in dreams.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


"Do you know how it feels like to keep quiet for like a day? It's not that you don't have anything to say. It's that there is nobody to listen?" said Veena.
Tripti and Neena listened quietly.  Obviously they didn't know. Their lives were filled with families who loved them. Friends, colleagues, parents, in-laws.
"I wake up, make breakfast, sit on my laptop, make lunch, again work, take the kids to classes, make dinner, sleep. During the seventeen hours that I am awake, I am mostly quiet. It is very rare that I express what I feel. That's why I write." continued Veena.
"But that's so unbelievable Veena.. quiet and you? It's hard to believe. You are the one who talks the most amongst us,  right Tripti?"
"Hmm.. she lives in a world that is unknown to us. Yes Neena, she has transformed into somebody else. But I am glad that she is the same old Veena when we are together", said Tripti.