Friday, July 17, 2009

Nature's magic wand...

To two beautiful boys, for giving me this most beautiful and magical gift of nature..

He kicks me with his tiny legs
Or I wonder if its his hands
He moves around oh so often
Creating turmoils inside my belly
I see him on a screen
They point out his face
Look his eyes, this is hair,
See the nose, see the legs
All I see are the bumps on my belly
Rising and falling in rapid succession
I point here and I point there
And soon he's gone back to his deep sleep
I wait and I wait.. to see his tiny arms
They tell me, today, tomorrow, next week
Anxiousness and curiosity get the best of me
I wait and I wait.. till I feel the first anguish of pain
The pains come, the pains go
I walk, I lie, I shower but still I wait
Minutes pass, hours pass, a day passed
I see the head, I hear someone say
They wait like me with anxious breath
Everything a standstill for a moment
The next I hear, 'Here he is, he's so cute'

I hear the wail, to finally see him
the most beautiful thing,
the most magical being
I hold the bundle in my arms
I plant a kiss on the forehead
He slowly opens his eyes
Looks intently at my face,
As if he knew me all along
But this is so new to me
This miracle of nature, finally in my arms!!

Doors to eternity...

This is an attempt to pen down thoughts from the heart of an old lady, waiting for the doors to eternity to open and take her in her arms. Death, so definite yet so unsure... 
Freckles on my forhead, indicate a thought 
When I try to pen them down, am I at a loss of words? 
I want to put down some words 
Alas! Writing is creating a mirage. 
Is it the bout of medicine inside me 
Or is it the last hours of the this enigma 
My hair keeps falling now and then 
I visit the doctor now oh! so often 
The doors to eternity wait to be opened 
Someone behind them ready to move 
A few days, a few months, wonder whats remaining 
In this balance sheet of life 
I await with deathly silence 
To be welcomed unto His world 
This moment of indecisiveness 
Oh so tempting, Oh so scary! 
Will I write all my thoughts 
Before the final moment comes 
Ah! this medicine makes we weak 
Ah! this medicine kills my thought...