Thursday, September 30, 2010

What is it about birthdays?

What is it about birthdays? Wishing someone at the stroke of midnight, watching the clock a hundred times to make sure you dont miss the moment. The please of saying those two words - Happy Birthday in n number of ways - many many happy returns of the day etc etc. The hunt for the best birthday gift. The price tag. Thinking of what the person would need. How he/she might react? Will they like it, won't they like it. Buying a card after reading a million cards and finally getting so confused that you just pick up something, which may not be perfect after all. The wrapping. Should I spend the additional currency on gift wrapping? Anyway they are going to tear it away. Or, I need to wrap it in the best possible way. Asking for a birthday treat. Constant reminders by uttering 'birthday boy' or 'birthday girl'. The cake! Who could forget that. The icing, the writing, the candles - should they be single, or numerals? Finally the moment arrives, the cake is brought out. Candles are tucked in neatly, without disturbing the icing. Lit. The 'birthday girl' or 'birthday boy' arrives with the new 'birthday dress' flashing smiles galore. The candles are blown. Boom go the flashes or the video starts recording. The singing. The same song, which our grandparents sang.. and theirs? The gifts are given, the giver with anticipation about the reaction. The receiver with anticipation of what it would be. The opening, the wows and the thanks. All in order, all perfect.

Excuse me, but what is all the hype about. Birth was an event that occured your age years ago. Something your parents celebrated that day. Do we really need all this hype year after year?

Out of words

I am out of words
To speak and to write
There are thoughts
So my mind still works
But so haphazard
That they make no sense
I tried writing them down
Oops I forgot, I am out of words!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


the flower petals all closed
a silent wind passes by
and kisses the petals
in its surge
the petals start to open
the flower begins to bloom
opening up to the sun for the first time
alas the clouds move in
hides the suns face
a drop of rain lands right on the petal
the flower droops in its weight
the petals now destute
never to bloom again