Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My friend

He came into our world, because my parents were fed up of my complaint that I had no one to play. And yes he did arrive, not to play with me, but fight, till we were spanked by Ma with the red spatula from the Sumeet Mixer at home. Atleast Ma distributed them equally. From that day every chocolate bought at home was cut in between, right in between. He was always there to fight, and what a pest he was. And I always had this wrong feeling that my parents favoured him. He entered Bishop Cottons Girls for a year, after some time at a matchbox building school called St Glorious School. I enjoyed walking up there with Ma to pick him up. Then he moved on to Bishop Cotton Boys! Every marks card drew comparison, good that I did well during those years and my handwriting was way better.

He always got all the toys he wanted.. Thats how I felt then. I too got my share of toys, which I realize now. He got a Pulsar and a Santro, and the school blazer, while I cribbed. I was the older one, but he was always an equal.

Being five years younger to me, I never thought of him as a friend, but a younger sibling, until he went on to his engineering years and later. He did grow up to be an equal, a friend.

When I had my son, I came to realize what my brother meant to me, rather what I felt for him. He was like my son, or maybe, brother, or maybe friend... For all the different roles he plays, I love him dearly!!

Anand, one of my treasures for life!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


days pass into nights
nights pass into days
the moments rolling by
there is a wait for something
something would take cue and happen
not sure what
not sure where...
darkness of the night
creeps into my bedroom
moonlight smiles
through the blinds
emptiness of the room
casts a shadow
on images shaping into dreams
the candle light flickering
in the corner somewhere
is burning its last drop of wax
hoping that something would take cue
and happen
not sure what
not sure where....

Sunday, August 1, 2010


And at this point the roads diverge. The journey so far with familiar faces has been memorable. Another thousand memories etched, to linger on for a lifetime. It's time for me to make the turn and take the other route. The faces that I now see will not be there with me. They have to go down the road that leads to colorful trees and snow white winters. The road I am about to take will take me miles away, where these faces will live on in my imagination. They will make more road trips, they may play the same games, sing the same songs, share the same smiles. But I have to move on, another turn, I must make in life's journey.

So many people I have met on this leg. Friends I have made, laughters we have shared. The night outs, clanking of glasses, gazing at the stars, lazing out till the wee hours of the morning.

My new destination is not unknown to me. Going back to known faces, roads I have traveled before. Everything is known. But I have jitters about going back. It's like taking a piece of the puzzle putting it on a different puzzle and putting it back on the original one. The picture should look as perfect as earlier.

Will I miss this place that I once hated. Will I miss the cursing winters. Will I miss the weekend get togethers where so much time is spent on poking fun at me. Yes I will. I will miss dearly all the laughters, all the words, all the faces.

I can keep writing, but I can see the crossroad in the distance. Its just matter of time and I will be gone. I will make the turn soon. Whilst I am getting there, let me savor the talks, smiles and warmth...