Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing you...

you unlock the doors to your heart
give the keys to the person who enters
and dissolve in some portion of it
to let the person play you like a harp
till the music stops
and the silence deafens
the eyes open then
to let out a stream
you go look for the keys
and find them strewn in some corner
the person who entered has been long gone
so where were you till this moment
in a trance or mute
this should make you lock up the doors
and melt the keys away
or would you unlock them again
to be played to perfection, yet again?

Saturday, June 26, 2010


The words inside me are on a rampage. Wanting to come out in some shape or form. My official engagement these days is pushing down the words. But they bounce back at me, telling me to pen them down. They vividly form sentences and instigate me to write. But the next thought of work rushes back in and blurrs the sentence away. After days of going through this turmoil, my words got the better of me. So here I am.
An evening spent with the kids, a reunion of sorts after a week's 'magic' disapperance from their life. Physically present, but absent. After a round of burrito bowls from Chipotle, chasing the sun and hot air balloons in the sky to the loud singing of 'jaane kyun dil jaantha hai, tu hai tho i'll be alright'. I was as eager as the kids to see the hot air balloon from close proximity. We saw it land on grassy land and the balloon losing its shape.
Today's life, today's world, its so easy to get the kids on a hot air balloon, but the fun in chasing it on the ground, while it floats in the air; the excitement when we finally see it touch the ground is priceless. Bittering and bantering about a week's complaints of amma you didnt do this, you didnt do that. And stories from daycare about time outs and shouting. The setting sun in the distant sky adds sparks to the words in my mind, waiting to gush out.
Friends visiting and the usual debates of, no not Mohanlal Mammotty this time, instead Vayalar and Rahman. Words flowing galore, but the words in my mind waiting patiently.
Finally I sit down to pen my new story. Finally a sense of freedom to me, like the words... words.. words..