Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yesterday or Tomorrow

Many a time my crazy self 
Has wondered if I could turn back time
Ask the waves to go back home,
So that I could tread once again
Onto my footprints in the sand.
I will start from where I started
I will follow a few steps, I think
Then trace a different path
For the waves to take home
Yesterday is what I know
Yesterday is what was there
Tomorrow is an unknown
I dont know if it will be there.
This time, I will make some better choices
Coz Yesterday taught me the wrong ones
I will laugh a little more
Yesterday showed me when I cried.
I would go back to yesterday
Run to it as fast as I could
Change many things one by one
To make them memories for tomorrow.
This time I wouldnt ask the waves to go back
I wouldnt look for my footprints
Would hold on to yesterday and feel happy tomorrow
That I was lucky enough to get a second chance!!

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