Sunday, November 15, 2009

And she waits..

She sits on this dark night
The freckles on her forehead getting deeper and deeper
Her eyes sleepy but open
Afraid that if she closes them,
She will lose sight forever
Silence marks its presence all around
The buzz of insects is also absent
The night casts its spell on her sleep
The darkness casts a spell on life
Everything is still and will not move
Until they feel the touch of her hands
Will they move, when she is gone
Will everything be the same, when she is gone
But where is she going, there are no ways
Only doors and doors all around, all of them closed
They dont open, she dont have the keys,
Nobody around to open it
The silence is deafening
Voices from the past speak to her
She sees the images, but only silence reaches her
And she waits.. and waits.. and waits..

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