Thursday, January 14, 2010

Approach to life

Came across this dialogue in a movie - aashikunnathu kitilla, kitteeyathil santhosham undavilla, santhosham tharunnathu sthiramaayittu anubhavikyaan patilla, enna ennenekkyumaay kittunathu pettannu madukem cheyyum, nammalde okke ithiriponna jeevitham ithre allae ullu.
The English translation for this is - what we hope for, we will not get, what we get, will not make us happy, what makes us happy, will not last forever, what lasts forever, becomes boring very soon :)

Sounds to be a sadistic approach to life. The other approach is to keep low expectations and be content with what comes your way. This approach seems to make a person happier.

Success and failure are the choices you make. Somebody said this, not me :). Similarly, the question is to be happy or not. If you want to be happy, you will, if you want to be sad, that will be your destiny. Choose well, there is only one life. Live it.. each day!!


  1. Everyone wants to be happy; but no body can be happy at all times.. so whats the option?